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An app capable of enhancing phone calls for people with mild to severe hearing loss. SonicCloud quickly became a game changer in the hearing space thanks to its incredible accuracy and ease of use when calibrating a users ears.

The technology in SonicCloud uses an algorithm that is applied to your personalized hearing in the cloud. This allows words to be immediately filtered through your profile while on a call. The app experience takes users on a journey of creating their personalized hearing audioprint.

An otherwise complex and intimidating experience for users with hearing loss became playful and approachable. Users calibrate with a series of characters that matches the frequency of a tone. After all the tones are calibrated, results are delivered, offering new opportunities to refine your hearing even further.

To announce the app to the world, a commercial was created featuring Sean Hayes (Will & Grace). Receiving over 175k views in its first day.

The SonicCloud identity was designed with an ear shape in mind. To create a feeling of ease when starting the hearing assessment, the SonicCloud logo transitions with elegant sophistication to suggest that the task will be seamless.

During the hearing assessment onboarding, users can fine tune any of the tones. Some of these became playfully macro, such as the Opera Singer and his tounge (initially his Uvula). The results were then compiled in ball containers to make sense of your hearing in a more emotional (warm) and less scientific (cold) way.

The slider required a design that would allow a user to slowly move up with their finger while hearing tones increasing or decreasing in volume. Characters appear next to the sliders, which react to the slider in various playful actions.


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SonicCloud aims to make hearing technology truly accessible.

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